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One of TCC's aims is to make Tipton known throughout the West Midlands 

and give it the reputation that it deserves.

Tipton has an amazing historical story

about industry but it also has amazing people living throughout and we want to

be able to help in all we can with making Tipton a great community town that pulls together as one big family

On the 11th June 2016 Love Tipton held a world cafe event at Tipton Sports Academy in order to get the views and opinions from local residents of Princes End. Over 120 residents of all ages were invited to come along and give their veiws on 3 matters 

1. Community, 

2. Trust, 

3. What matters to them in Tipton 

From the information given by local residents a report was put together which can now be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

Over the last few years we have had various fun days that have  took place at different locations around Tipton.

Working with our local Schools, Police and community we have tried to bring a sense of unity and community spirit to our town with fun activities and events for all the family

The March Of Witness entered its 9th Year this year and again we had a great turn out from local churches coming together to remind our community that there is more to Easter than just chocolate and fluffy bunnies. As Pastor Steve carried the cross around the whole of Tipton, followed by the procession we shared the amazing sacrifice that Jesus did, not just for ‘Christians’, but for everyone.

In 2014 TCC launched out into our local care homes spear headed by the passion of Gavin Williamson for our older generation. Over the course of the year he has helped transform overgrown garden areas into places of relaxation where residents can enjoy and also began a midweek church service for residents who are not able to make it to church on a Sunday. Gavin has started some fantastic work and will continue for a long time to come, keep your eyes peeled though as we never know what Gav has in store for the future.

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