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9:30am £1 per Child, £1.50 for two
Waterloo St Tipton DY4 8NR

Tippy Toes is our parent and toddlers group where parents can come and meet other parents while their young ones can enjoy themselevs and play with other toddlers.

Here at TCC we are proud to say that we host a safe and friendly environment where parents and their young ones can come too.




Tippy Toes is led by Jo Gill, who herself is a parent and has first hand experience with young children and understands the needs of parents and their children. So why not pop down and be a part of Tippy Toes and join us for some yummy toast, fruit, great company and lots of fun, we cant wait to see you.



Stephanie Shelley

Tippy toes has a lovely atmosphere and even toast for the adults, my kids are safe there too, love it!! Xx

Joy Ogbunude

Tippy toes is a lovely group. Once you start you can't stop coming.  My 5yrs old still wishes she can come and my 2yr old can't wait for a Thursday morning.

Lisa Organ

I started going to Tippy Toes when my son was about 10 months old. It is in a lovely, clean & safe building and run by fantastic people. 

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