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Becoming a Christian is the easiest thing in the world – and the hardest

It is the easiest because it doesn't involve any costly subscriptions, expensive payments, or application forms. You can, in fact, become a Christian right where you are.

It is the hardest because it involves the complete surrender of the life and will to Jesus Christ. The only book that can offer any assistance to this question of becoming a Christian is the Bible. While it has many puzzling and profound statements, the question of your relationship with Jesus Christ is dealt with in the most plain and simple language.

It is in fact as simple as ABC.

Firstly, let me explain what a Christian is not. He is not merely a churchgoer, or a good living person, or even a religious man, for there was a man in the Bible who would fit that category and Jesus told him: "You must be born again." It does not mean, either, that a man must merely follow his conscience and be as sincere as he can, for a man called Saul did that and he was told by Jesus that in reality he was opposing God. You can actually be religious, sincere, good living, morally upright and still not be a Christian.

Becoming a Christian means much more than giving up certain habits and steering your life to avoid clashing with the law. In order to show you simply how to become a Christian, let's bring the facts a little more into focus. It's simple as ABC, so here it is – the ABC of becoming a Christian.

Every man and woman in this world is a lost sinner. No-one can escape this position, for the Bible says, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." We are lost because God is holy – absolutely good and morally perfect – and He will allow no sinful person into heaven.


We are so lost that without God's help nothing can be done to save us. As a result of sin, we have lost our likeness to God, our love for Him and deserve eternal punishment. We must take our place before Him, firmly acknowledge this and turn from our sin to the Lord

A- Acknowledge

We are believing something every minute of the day, but in order to become a Christian there must be not merely a head belief, but belief in the heart.


You can believe in your head that on the Cross of Calvary Jesus Christ died to forgive your sin, but if that belief does not pass into your heart, it will do you no more good than believing that food will sustain you yet doing nothing to eat it.


To believe in Christ means to believe He died for you personally to remove the sin that separates you from God and to ask Him to be your Saviour as you turn over your life to Him.

B- Believe

To confess Christ means to make known to others that you have become a Christian. Don't be ashamed to do this for it will bring you out on His side and make clean-cut the decision you have made.

If you want to become a Christian, say this prayer, at the same time turning your life over to Christ:

"Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. At this very moment I confess my sin and believe in my heart that you will save me. Make me a Christian now and help me to tell someone today that I have found you as my Saviour. Amen

NOW : Let us know that you have prayed the prayer. We would love to hear from you

C- Confess

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