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The mission of Tipton Christian Church is to reach out to all people of all cultures and all backgrounds with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.


To support, love, teach and empower them through the Word of God in order for them to live successful lives for God, Spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, financially and socially. 


This is been done through


  • Local church services that are Bible based and Spirit led

  • Support ministries that teach, train and encourage a Biblical lifestyle

  • Supporting and working with home and overseas mission outreach ministries

  • Youth and  children's ministries, helping them develop socially, physically and spiritually

  • Working with local schools, supporting them socially and in education  


Supporting the hurting and needy of our community by:


  • Working with the local council along with local agencies and community groups to help meet the needs of the local community .  

  • Providing a food bank for those with a real need.

  • Providing financial information for those struggling with debt.

  • Providing professional counselling for those with emotional difficulties, where they will be encouraged and supported.



Encouraging people socially and in education by:


  • Working with local agencies and residents to clean up streets and local estates  

  • Providing work shops and education training so as people can develop and reach their full potential

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